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January 2018

All Systems Go

The Opening Bounce Here we are, the New Year has arrived, and so has AFL Fantasy. One thing you’ll immediately notice is that your salary cap has increased to 12.6 million (up from 11 million in 2017). Before you get… Continue Reading →

An Exciting Announcement

Featured Videos from Dylan Holt We are very excited to announce that will be featuring videos from Dylan Holt in 2018. For those of you who don’t know Dylan, he is a highly accomplished AFL Fantasy Coach who ranked… Continue Reading →

Buyer Beware – Part 2

In my previous article, Buyer Beware – Part 1, I found a strong correlation between the number of games a footballer plays, their average score, and how many future games they might play. This seems to suggest that savvy AFL… Continue Reading →

Buyer Beware – Part 1

Bewildered, you look over the team sheet. Just as you thought you were making progress in the fantasy competition, disaster has struck. You rest your head in your hands as you examine the red icons of missing players before you…. Continue Reading →

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