This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 10 – Who stays and who goes.

Now that Port Adelaide and Gold Coast have had their byes, it is time to stack on players from those clubs. Hopefully you have a bit of a war-chest at this stage, and you can upgrade a couple of players. I’m looking carefully at Robbie Gray and Tom Rockcliff.

Keep an eye on rookies who have an average nearing their break-evens – as they are ripe for trading out. However, do this with an eye on the bye-rounds. It’s better to hold a rookie with a suitable bye than having to score a zero during a bye round. Also ensure that the rookies you do trade in have good job-security. Bye rounds are hard enough if not all of your team are playing week-in and week-out.


Trade In

Always go for the rookies with the best job security first with a close eye on their byes. Always check the team sheets to see if they are playing first.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
T. Smith $277,000 FOR 2 96.50 -36
L. Austin $222,000 DEF 1 97.00 -16
B. Rice $225,000 DEF 2 65.50 -11
E. Phillips $288,000 MID 3 72.00 -4
J. Ridley $239,000 DEF 2 67.50 -2
L. Ryan $323,000 FOR 3 73.30 1
B. Ainsworth $234,000 MID 1 78.00 4
K. Mutch $265,000 MID 3 60.00 10
M. Guelfi $376,000 FOR 5 74.60 11
L. Murphy $268,000 DEF, FOR 4 53.00 11
L. Dunn $334,000 DEF 10 51.80 11
D. Clarke $181,000 MID, FOR 1 46.00 14
M. O’Connor $209,000 DEF, MID 1 56.00 14
D. Mirra $351,000 DEF 5 67.80 14

Trade Out

It’s not worth trading out a player with good job security for one with poor job security. Otherwise come bye-rounds you will find it very difficult to field a full side. Job security should be your highest priority.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
S. Weideman $274,000 FOR 4 45.30 47
B. Gowers $360,000 FOR 10 55.10 57
N. Coffield $368,000 DEF, MID 7 60.00 62
T. McCartin $222,000 FOR 3 35.00 37
S. Bolton $230,000 FOR 2 32.50 36
J. Waterman $373,000 FOR 10 58.40 62
M. Eagles $180,000 DEF 4 27.50 32
M. Lewis $173,000 FOR 2 25.50 30
Z. Bailey $329,000 MID 7 49.10 55
Z. Guthrie $297,000 DEF 6 49.00 56
J. Petruccelle $183,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 31
J. Stephenson $444,000 MID, FOR 10 66.60 74
C. Rayner $333,000 MID, FOR 10 48.80 57
T. Cole $369,000 DEF 6 60.50 69
J. Finlayson $401,000 DEF, MID 9 65.60 76
T. English $425,000 FOR, RUC 7 67.60 79
T. Kelly $477,000 MID 10 76.80 90
C. Polson $186,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 38
A. Pearce $290,000 DEF 10 44.90 59
W. Schofield $235,000 DEF 2 30.00 45
N. Shipley $170,000 MID 2 21.50 37
L. Davies-Uniacke $259,000 MID 5 36.20 53
N. Wright $252,000 FOR 1 29.00 46
M. Crowden $270,000 MID, FOR 8 44.00 71
E. Ratugolea $318,000 FOR 8 49.30 77
A. Naughton $342,000 DEF 8 49.90 79

Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

Eddie Betts (40) – Consistency is never an easy thing being a small forward. Keep

Connor Blakely (62) – The Roos were too good. Only 12 disposals in defence. Should bounce back. Keep

Marcus Bontempelli (60) – Played in the mid-field, but just didn’t get the score. 17 disposals and 3 marks with 3 tackles. Keep

Luke Breust (45) – Gave away 4 free kicks which really hurt his score. Played forward pocket which didn’t help. Keep

Charlie Cameron (29) – Only 9 possessions – but gave away several free-kicks. A game to forget. Keep

Brendon Ah Chee (54) – Better than his 36 last week. Played forward a fair bit. Achievable break-even. Keep

Tom Cole (39) – Prone to the odd stinker. Rotating in defence. Achievable break-even. Keep

Jamie Cripps (44) – Played deep forward – like last week. Give him one more week of grace before moving him on. Keep

David Cuningham (25) – Only 5 possessions split between forward and wing. First game back. Keep

Charlie Curnow (47) – Played a defensive game against Blicavs. I think he will improve. Keep

Jack Darling (58) – Didn’t kick a goal this week with Kennedy being the focal point. Up forward on Stratton. Low break-even, so Keep

Luke Dunstan (30) – Right shoulder knock in Q3. Check the injury news to see if he comes up. Keep

Matt Eagles (19) – Right groin problem in Q2… tracksuit on before half-time. Looks to be injured, so trade him. Trade

Cam Ellis-Yolmen (57) – Played mid-field, but Adelaide were comprehensively beaten by Melbourne. Should bounce back. Keep

Lance Franklin (51) – Starting forward on Gardiner. Gave away a few free kicks. Keep

Max Gawn (74) – Despite 49 hit outs, he only had 12 possessions. Keep

Jack Graham (37) – Played a stinker, but at least was rotating through the mid-field. Keep

Jack Gunston (44) – Didn’t kick a goal and only had 4 marks for the night. Keep

Dan Hannebery (40) – Too many handballs on the wing. Genuinely concerned by his season. Trade him out and bring him back if he comes good. Trade

Luke Hodge (45) – Seventh defender. Has played some lower scoring games this season. Keep

Cale Hooker (27) – Playing full-back in a tussle on Patton. Greasy conditions – so 9 of his 11 possessions were by hand. Keep

Bachar Houli (10) – Sat out the second half with groin issues. Check if he’s out with injury and trade accordingly. Keep

Jeremy Howe (57) – In defence on Schache. Should improve. Keep

Sam Jacobs (49) – 21 hit outs… but only 6 disposals. Max Gawn won this battle – but they neutralized each other. Keep

Jake Kelly (41) – Played in defence, and Adelaide was soundly beaten. Keep

Sam Kerridge (48) – Played a tagging role on Ablett Jnr, and played with a corked shin. Should be fine next week. Keep

Patrick Lipinski (39) – The problem with rookie priced players is they can stink it up on occasion.Keep

Daniel Lloyd (22) – 11 touches with 9 by hand. Needs to kick it more.Keep

Chris Masten (38) – Right hamstring tweak in Q1. If he’s injured, then move him on. Trade

Harry McKay (37) – Only 6 touches Gave away a few free kicks. Never a great scorer, but should beat his break-even. Keep

Shaun McKernan (59) – Conceded 4 free-kicks. Was difficult for the big man in greasy conditions. Keep

Lachie Neale (62) – 20 possessions and 6 tackles. Gave away a few free kicks and his team was soundly beaten. Keep

Brandan Parfitt (62) – His first game back. 18 disposals and 2 marks with 2 tackles. Provided drive from the wing. Keep

Luke Parker (67) – Played forward a lot. He had 97 last week but his season has been fairly poor. If you have him I’d hang on to him until your team is ‘complete’. Keep

Alex Pearce (30) – A shut-down role on Waite who soundly won the battle. If it suits your byes, move him on. Trade

Dane Rampe (44) – At CHB on Hipwood. Gave away some free kicks. Posts the occasional poor score. Keep

Esava Ratugolea (0) – Broken leg early in the second term… 2 hit outs. Trade

Jack Riewoldt (1) – Walked off looking very groggy after Carlisle elbowed him in the head early in Q1… did not return. Check to see if he’s injured. Keep

Aaron Sandilands (56) – Head-clash with Durdin, and will probably miss through concussion. Probably worth holding if you have backup for him. Keep

Dylan Shiel (55) – Wasn’t the only GWS player with their colours lowered. Also Kelly is back, so watch his position. Keep

Callum Sinclair (60) – 21 hit outs and 12 possessions. Gave away a few free kicks. Should improve. Keep

Tim Taranto (50) – The return of Kelly might be bad for his numbers. Rotating forward. Sat out the last quarter with a sore quad. Trade

Adam Tomlinson (45) – Playing midfield, but GWS had their colours lowered across the board. Should bounce back. Keep

Alex Witherden (55) – 15 touches coming off a HBF in a below-par game. Will bounce back. Keep

Mason Wood (55) – Played a third tall forward on Johnson. Keep an eye on him to see if his role has changed. Keep

Jack Ziebell (46) – Rotated forward, but didn’t kick a goal. He occasionally posts a stinker, but should bounce back. Keep