This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 11 – Who stays and who goes.

This week Carlton, Hawthorn, West Coast, and the Western Bulldogs have their bye. However, you have 3 trades this week instead of your normal 2.

It’s a good time to trade out non-premium players nearing their break-evens in these teams – as they’re now ripe for the picking. Many coaches are trading to Port or Suns players, as they have already sat out their bye rounds.


Trade In

Always go for the rookies with the best job security first with a close eye on their byes. Always check the team sheets to see if they are playing first.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
L. Austin $294,000 DEF 2 104.50 -39
P. Ahern $207,000 MID, FOR 1 92.00 -15
M. Apeness $200,000 FOR 1 81.00 -9
B. Mihocek $199,000 DEF 1 78.00 -6
B. Rice $267,000 DEF 3 65.00 -4
L. Ryan (BYE) $323,000 FOR 3 73.30 1
C. Moore $237,000 FOR 2 60.50 2
P. Kerr (BYE) $207,000 FOR 3 44.30 2
T. Smith $323,000 FOR 3 79.70 3
B. Ainsworth (BYE) $234,000 MID 1 78.00 4
J. Jones $189,000 FOR 2 43.00 7
E. Phillips $334,000 MID 4 73.30 8
S. Jones $186,000 RUC 1 55.00 8
S. Giro $185,000 MID 1 54.00 8
T. Murphy $185,000 DEF, MID 1 54.00 8

Trade Out

It’s not worth trading out a player with good job security for one with poor job security. Otherwise come bye-rounds you will find it very difficult to field a full side. Job security should be your highest priority.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
S. Taylor $215,000 DEF 1 32.00 34
S. Weideman $274,000 FOR 4 45.30 48
N. Coffield $368,000 DEF, MID 7 60.00 63
T. McCartin $222,000 FOR 3 35.00 38
S. Bolton $230,000 FOR 2 32.50 36
M. Eagles $180,000 DEF 4 27.50 32
Z. Guthrie $297,000 DEF 6 49.00 56
J. Henry $352,000 FOR 10 51.10 61
J. Finlayson $401,000 DEF, MID 9 65.60 76
M. Hibberd $502,000 DEF 11 72.80 85
A. Cerra $380,000 MID 10 56.70 69
N. Shipley $170,000 MID 2 21.50 37
L. Davies-Uniacke $259,000 MID 5 36.20 54
N. Wright $252,000 FOR 1 29.00 47
A. Pearce $271,000 DEF 11 42.90 66
J. Stephenson $427,000 MID, FOR 11 64.30 88
M. Crowden $270,000 MID, FOR 8 44.00 72
E. Ratugolea $318,000 FOR 8 49.30 78
D. Moore $369,000 FOR 4 41.80 107

Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

Jed Anderson (4) – Left hip knock in Q1 and did not return. Check the injury news to see if he misses. Injured

Rory Atkins (55) – It’s been a few average weeks for Atkins. Played on the wing. Hopefully will bounce back against easier competition. Keep

Travis Boak (57) – Played in the half-forward. I think he will return to good form. Keep

Tom Boyd (31) – Played forward and as a second ruck. Keep an eye on his position. Keep

Charlie Cameron (14) – Right ankle twisted under him in Q2 under a Higgins tackle. Check the injury news on whether to trade. Injured

Adam Cerra (34) – This is the problem with rookies. His break-even is achievable. Keep

Allen Christensen (-3) – A negative score to all Christensen owners. Copped a big hit to the head by Simpkin. Check the injury news on whether to trade. Injured

Patrick Cripps (57) – Tagged by Hewett and gave away 4 frees. Won’t get tagged every week. Keep

Jack Darling (5) – Went down after rolling his right ankle in a marking contest in Q1. Check the injury news on whether he needs to be traded. Injured

Trent Dumont (55) – Doing jobs in the mid-field. Second poor game – but he is prone to some. Keep

Cam Ellis-Yolmen (60) – Rotating through the mid-field. Should improve. Keep

Nat Fyfe (76) – He is challenging his high forearm on Greenwood in the tribunal. Consider your cover if he misses. Trade

Jarryn Geary (38) – Left calf problem in Q3. Playing small defender. Check the injury news, but it looks like he may miss. Injured

Robbie Gray (69) – There are real concerns at Port about stars being swung forward. But you have to keep over the bye-rounds. Keep

Sam Gray (36) – All but 2 of his possessions were handballs. Played half-forward. Will improve if he kicks it more. Keep

Aaron Hall (36) – Hurt his shoulder in a tackle in Q2. Not good for those looking to him for cover over the bye-rounds. Trade if injured. Injured

Jack Henry (26) – The joys of rookies. Achievable break-even. Keep

Jack Higgins (42) – Dea spending time on him. Doesn’t normally get much attention. Keep

Dan Houston (45) – Had a poor night out – playing in defence. Should improve. Keep

Kane Lambert (33) – Just the two touches to half-time. Inconsistent at best. Luxury trade only. Keep

Ed Langdon (61) – Played on the wing. He can get back to form. Keep

Jake Lever (8) – Into the rooms late Q1 with a left knee injury. Did not reappear. Check the injury news. Injured

Tom T. Lynch (41) – Knock to the right side of his torso in Q2 left him sore. Check the injury news. Injured

Jack Martin (58) – Played half-forward on Bews. Can improve. Keep

Chris Mayne (50) – Played on the wing. Should improve. Keep

Hugh McCluggage (28) – Has an Achilles injury. Check the injury news, but it looks like a trade. Injured

Harry Morrison (37) – Playing an outside game. His second stinker in a row. Consider if you want to keep him over the bye-rounds. Keep

Lachlan Murphy (35) – Playing defensive forward. Should easily hit his break-even. Keep

Alex Pearce (23) – Left the field early in Q3 after rolling an ankle and didn’t return. Check the injury news. Injured

Dane Rampe (33) – Played a role on Charlie Curnow. Gave away 3 free kicks. With an increasing break-even it’s time to trade. Trade

Jordan Ridley (27) – Forced to play as the third tall opposed to Moore. Still a super-low break-even – hopefully gets another game. Keep

Jack Riewoldt (39) – Only clunked 2 marks with Hooker on him. Tall forwards are Inconsistent. Keep

Tom Rockliff (43) – My worries on him were confirmed. Played a tagging role on Mitchell. At least was played through the mid-field. Keep for the bye-rounds at least. Keep

Ben Ronke (54) – Played mainly forward. Still has a low break-even. Keep

Paul Seedsman (63) – The popular defender didn’t score well – despite kicking a couple of goals. Against difficult opposition. Keep

Tim Smith (46) – Copped a knock in the back. Calf strapped as well. Up forward with occasional ruck support. Check the injury news. Injured

Charlie Spargo (44) – 11 touches on half forward flank. Still has a low break-even, but would be ideal to trade next week. Keep

Rhys Stanley (50) – Despite his low score he is safe playing 1st ruck. Keep

Jaidyn Stephenson (41) – A quiet game at half forward. Only got 5 disposals. Has reached his break-even so it’s time to trade. Trade

Jack Steven (71) – Tagged by Hutchings. Gave away a few free-kicks which hurt his score. Keep

Ryley Stoddart (27) – Rookies. If he gets another game he should have no trouble hitting his break-even. Keep

Dale Thomas (60) – Playing HBF – didn’t score as well as normal. Should improve. Keep

Daniel Wells (45) – Playing half forward, but didn’t kick a goal. Luxury trade. Keep

Matthew Wright (35) – It’s never easy playing in the forward pocket. Only got 6 touches. Wait a week and trade on his bye round. Keep

Aaron Young (34) – Has an ankle injury. Check the injury news to see if he comes good. Injured

David Zaharakis (12) – Right collarbone injury midway through the first term. The news isn’t good, so trade. Injured