This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 13 – Who stays and who goes.

During Round 14 the following teams have their byes: Adelaide, Fremantle, Geelong, Richmond, StKilda and Sydney.
However, you have 3 trades instead of two. Only your best 18 scores count during the bye rounds, so try to field 18 players if at all possible.
This is the last of the bye-rounds, so choose players from outside of the fore-mentioned teams.
Please note that this week there is another Thursday night game, so there is a partial lockout in place.


Trade In

Always go for the rookies with the best job security first with a close eye on their byes. Always check the team sheets to see if they are playing first.
This week J. Smith (Melbourne) and M. Redman (Essendon) are all the rage after their excellent games before their byes.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
M. Redman $212,000 DEF 1 92.00 -14
J. Smith $199,000 DEF, MID 1 80.00 -9
J. Battle (BYE) $232,000 FOR 2 67.50 -9
P. Ahern $244,000 MID, FOR 2 71.50 -5
S. Giro (BYE) $253,000 MID 3 60.70 -4
T. Smith $323,000 FOR 3 79.70 3
M. Apeness (BYE) $282,000 FOR 3 68.00 4
B. Ainsworth $234,000 MID 1 78.00 4
B. Mihocek $224,000 DEF 2 58.50 4
J. Jones (BYE) $213,000 FOR 3 45.30 5
T. Murphy $206,000 DEF, MID 2 49.50 8
P. Kerr $235,000 FOR 4 45.50 9

Trade Out

It’s not worth trading out a player with good job security for one with poor job security. Job security should be your highest priority. Also watch for bye-rounds.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
S. Weideman $274,000 FOR 4 45.30 48
T. Cole $360,000 DEF 8 58.90 63
M. Lewis $173,000 FOR 2 25.50 30
J. Waterman $374,000 FOR 12 58.10 63
M. Eagles $180,000 DEF 4 27.50 33
Z. Bailey $332,000 MID 9 50.20 57
B. Jacobs $520,000 MID 12 76.10 83
B. Gowers $357,000 FOR 12 54.80 62
J. Petruccelle $183,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 32
J. Finlayson $401,000 DEF, MID 9 65.60 77
T. English $425,000 FOR, RUC 7 67.60 80
T. Marshall $307,000 FOR 5 47.40 61
C. Polson $186,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 38
J. Brander $243,000 DEF, FOR 1 30.00 44
N. Shipley $170,000 MID 2 21.50 37
W. Schofield $235,000 DEF 2 30.00 46
W. Rioli $362,000 FOR 11 52.50 70
L. Davies-Uniacke $259,000 MID 5 36.20 54
A. Naughton $342,000 DEF 8 49.90 80
D. Moore $369,000 FOR 4 41.80 108

Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

Rory Atkins (46) – Atkins’ has been dropping money for some weeks now. With his bye, it’s time to trade. Trade

Logan Austin (30) – Played a lock-down role on Young. Rookies are rarely predictable. Keep

Darcy Byrne-Jones (52) – Playing small defender. Unfortunately he’s one of several Port players who yo-yo up and down. Keep

Josh Caddy (56) – Playing key forward on Kolodjashnij. Has his byes, and has a break-even (129) greater than his average (86). A good upgrade option. Trade

Caleb Daniel (16) – Seemed to have developed a phobia of the ball. Fortunately has low ownership. Hopefully will bounce back. Keep

Sam Day (37) – Starting forward on Brown – which is always a difficult task. There for his job security, but he’s good for a sideways trade to J.Smith or Redman. Trade

Richard Douglas (35) – Wasn’t the only Adelaide player with his colours lowered. His break-even is unlikely (117). With his bye it’s time to upgrade. Trade

Mitch Duncan (70) – Quiet by his standards. Still playing mid-field. Should bounce back. Keep

Hugh Greenwood (54) – Not many Adelaide players can hold their heads high. Break-Even of 133 after his bye, so consider upgrading. Trade

Zach Guthrie (27) – Has his bye this week. His break-even (62) is greater than his average (46), so time to trade. Trade

Ricky Henderson (58) – Ricky can be inconsistent at times. I think he will bounce back. Keep

Jack Henry (35) – Has his bye this week. His break-even (64) is greater than his average (52), so time to trade. Trade

Lachie Hunter (68) – Playing outside midfield, but the Dogs were beaten around the ball. Should bounce back. Keep

Shannon Hurn (58) – Had to play tall defender most of the night, and gave away 4 frees which hurt his score. I’d persist with him. Keep

Josh Jenkins (46) – When you’re a forward and your team scores a total of 32, you’re in trouble. His break-even (85) is higher than his average (71), so given his bye it might be time to trade. Trade

Jason Johannisen (46) – Wasn’t the Doggies best game. JJ was switched between the forward and back-lines. Not a high-scorer anyway. Keep

Jack Macrae (44) – Sustained a hamstring injury. Out for at least a few weeks, so trade. Trade

Toby McLean (49) – Has a sore in left AC joint after a Robbie Gray bump. Should be right for this week. Keep

Touk Miller (49) – Touk was handball happy, and played a tagging role on Steven. Will hopefully bounce back. Keep

Toby Nankervis (58) – Gave away 5 frees which murdered his score this week. Keep

Brandan Parfitt (57) – Given his bye and high break-even (108) it’s a good time to trade. Trade

Dane Rampe (38) – Got the big job on Kennedy. Given his bye and break-even (86) it’s time to trade. Trade

Bailey Rice (35) – Headclash with Martin… stretchered off and did not return. Check the injury reports. Injured

Willie Rioli (34) – The curse of the small-forward (even talented ones). Has reached his break-even but given it’s the last week of the bye rounds it’s worth holding him for one more game. Keep

Shane Savage (58) – Has his bye this week. His break-even (100) is greater than his average (83), so time to trade. Keep

Paul Seedsman (44) – Dirty night for most Adelaide players. Given the form he’s capable of I would hold despite his bye. Keep

Dom Sheed (35) – Gave away a few frees playing outside midfield. His team was beaten. Keep

Luke Shuey (53) – Tagged by Hewett… ran his head into that of Kennedy leaving him woozy. Look to be right to play this week. Keep

Zach Tuohy (50) – Gave away a few frees. Has a break-even of 103 and an average of 80 so can be traded, but you probably have bigger concerns than a fairly solid defender. Keep

Taylor Walker (41) – Given Adelaide’s shocking effort, he’s lucky to get to 41. Power forwards aren’t fantasy gold, so it’s a good time to move him on (his break-even is 104). Trade

Jimmy Webster (11) – Off early with a problem in his right groin… did not return. Check the injury news. Injured

Aaron Young (41) – Starting deep forward on Austin. Gave away a few frees. Is a highly inconsistent player. Keep