This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 19 – Who stays and who goes.

Thanks to Tom Mitchell there were still decent scores (despite some premiums not firing).

As most of the rookies in the game have reached maturity, so I’m no longer going to publish a ‘Trade Out’ list of rookies past their break-evens. The list was becoming very large and of limited value. If you want to find out the Break-Even of a rookie on your list, head over to Footy Wire. If you’re looking for a player to trade in then this is your last chance to grab Lienert (mature age player from Port).


Trade In

Always go for the rookies with the best job security first. And coming into the pointy end of the season there are fewer decent options coming through.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
J. Lienert $243,000 DEF 2 75.50 -16
J. Dawson $196,000 MID 2 47.50 2
J. Worpel $282,000 MID 5 52.80 7
P. Kerr $235,000 FOR 4 45.50 9
B. Ainsworth $289,000 MID 3 64.30 9
K. Mutch $265,000 MID 3 60.00 11
P. Wilson $185,000 MID, FOR 1 51.00 12
S. Jones $274,000 RUC 5 51.80 13
T. Miles $371,000 DEF, FOR 4 74.00 13
K. Farrell $183,000 DEF, MID 1 49.00 13
R. Garthwaite $182,000 DEF 1 47.00 13

Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

Josh Battle (31) – Gave away 4 free kicks from a 1 goal return. If you have him he’s bench cover. Keep

Ben Brown (35) – Key position players are generally inconsistent. Given an average of 70, not relevant to Fantasy. Trade

Darcy Byrne-Jones (51) – You never know what you’re going to get from Darcy. By now you should be trading the likes of him to premium players. Trade

Allen Christensen (45) – Christensen is a growth stock – not a blue chip stock. Upgrade him to a premium player. Trade

Patrick Dangerfield (66) – Handball happy and gave away three frees against. Still a top 6 forward. Keep

Jack Darling (45) – Fortunately after his injury woes not many of you will have Darling. Talented, but not this year. Trade

Luke Dunstan (49) – Played in the mid-field, but wasn’t a contributor. Given his average of 80 odd, look to upgrade him. Trade

Lance Franklin (40) – Hurley had him well beaten. Given Longmire’s comments of him only training 20 minutes all season (due to foot soreness), TRADE, TRADE, TRADE!

Bayley Fritsch (47) – Switched to the last line of defence in the final term. He’s a stepping stone to a better player. Trade

Matt Guelfi (46) – Bench cover only. He’s someone you could downgrade from to earn some more coin from. Trade

Jesse Hogan (58) – Limping throughout the contest. Check the injury news. Injured

Nick Holman (35) – Holman has well and truely maxed out. Has enough coin to trade. Trade

Dan Houston (42) – Does not average enough to be on your team at this stage of the competition. Trade

Jeremy Howe (17) – Concussed. Check the injury news to see if he comes up. You would do well to upgrade. Injured

Michael Hurley (38) – Tagged Franklin. I don’t see him as a top 6 defender, so upgrade. Trade

Jason Johannisen (46) – Johannisen has a low average of 71.7. I would upgrade him as a priority. Trade

Tom Jonas (44) – Only averages 76. Upgrade him. Trade

Tim Kelly (57) – He’s done amazingly well for a first your player. I’d trade him to a premium at this stage. Trade

Rory Laird (72) – Gave away 3 free kicks which hurt his score. Still one of the best averaging defenders. Keep

Chris Masten (53) – Played on the outside. With an average of less than 80, if you have him then upgrade him pronto. Trade

Hugh McCluggage (42) – Despite some good games in recent times, he didn’t dominate today. Perfect stepping stone to a better player. Trade

Oscar McInerney (26) – He’s bench cover only if you have him. While risky, you might be able to survive without ruck bench cover if you’re not doing well and scaping together coins. Keep

Brody Mihocek (39) – Hurt both his leg and head during the game. Check the injury news. Injured

Steven Motlop (45) – Small forward? Check. Port player? Check. He averages less than some rookies. Trade

Colin O’Riordan (34) – Bench cover if you have him. But he still has a low break-even. Keep

Alex Pearce (21) – A heart-beat on the bench if you have him. Not much trade value. Keep

Ed Richards (27) – With an average of 55 and a break-even of 91, trade him before he loses any more coin. Trade

Luke Ryan (53) – Followed up on last weeks woeful performance. Doesn’t average enough for the business end of the season. Trade

Paul Seedsman (18) – Looks like he’s suffered a hamstring injury. Check the injury news. Injured

Joel Selwood (64) – Gave away a few frees today. Has a high scoring ceiling, so he gets a reprieve. Keep

Charlie Spargo (43) – 7 of his 9 touches are handballs. Perfect player to downgrade from if you have him. Trade

Jaidyn Stephenson (41) – Played foward on Grimes and didn’t have his usual freedom. Bench cover if you have him, but handy coin if you downgrade him. Trade

Tom Stewart (14) – Looks like he suffered a leg injury. Check the injury news. Injured

David Swallow (33) – Head hit the ground. Check the injury news. Injured

Bernie Vince (31) – Vince only averages 58 – less than many rookies. So trade him. Trade

Jake Waterman (34) – A late replacement for Josh J. Kennedy. Didn’t kick a major. Bench cover if you have him. Keep