This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 20 – Who stays and who goes.

Hopefully you’re doing well in the finals.

My team didn’t fire, but I still managed to win all of the finals in my competition, but I dropped in overall (outside the top 3000). Next week I might not be so lucky. I’m also happy to see Nathan Freeman line up at this time of the year when there are so few rookie options – especially now Joel Smith has gone down.

And after Longmire’s comments – I have to admit I was wrong about Lance Franklin after his 139 on the weekend. For many there will be an enforced trade as Gaff is certainly gone after that hit.


Trade In

Always go for the rookies with the best job security first. And coming into the pointy end of the season there are fewer decent options coming through.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
R. Abbott $206,000 RUC 1 93.00 -18
A. Johnson $204,000 DEF 1 89.00 -15
J. Lienert $295,000 DEF 3 76.30 -10
F. Greene $209,000 FOR 2 58.00 -8
K. Farrell $216,000 DEF, MID 2 61.00 -8
J. Dawson $227,000 MID 3 51.00 1
N. Brown $188,000 DEF 14 30.30 2
N. Freeman $187,000 MID 1 57.00 7
J. Worpel $320,000 MID 6 56.70 8
A. Bonar $275,000 MID, FOR 1 85.00 9
P. Kerr $235,000 FOR 4 45.50 9
B. Ainsworth $289,000 MID 3 64.30 10
L. Baker $190,000 FOR 2 41.50 11
K. Mutch $265,000 MID 3 60.00 11
P. Wilson $185,000 MID, FOR 1 51.00 12
S. Jones $274,000 RUC 5 51.80 13
R. Garthwaite $182,000 DEF 1 47.00 13

Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

Paul Ahern (39) – After last week if you put him on your field – I feel sorry for you. Decent bench cover – or a nice down-grade (if you need cash). Keep

Bailey Banfield (29) – Gave away a few frees. Bench cover if you have him, but with Freeman I would trade. Trade

Josh Battle (3) – Concussion after a clash with Morris. Check the injury news. Injured

Darcy Byrne-Jones (38) – Played a forward tag role on Laird. If you have him, trade him. Trade

Nicholas Coffield (34) – If you have him, he’s bench cover. He’s maxed out on price, so a downgrade option if you need the cash. Keep

Ben Cunnington (66) – With an easy run home, I’d stick with him. Keep

Brett Deledio (22) – Looks like he’s got a leg injury. Check the injury news. Injured

Charlie Dixon (49) – At this time of year I look at players averaging in the 90’s with suspicion – let alone 70’s. Trade

Oliver Florent (35) – Undeniably talented – I think he’s a decent downgrade option. Trade

Todd Goldstein (59) – Despite 32 hit-outs… has an easy run home, but if you can get him to Grundy you’re laughing. Trade

Toby Greene (18) – Hamstring problem. Check the injury news. Injured

Tom Hawkins (53) – Rance matched up on him. I’m not a big fan of power-forwards in Fantasy. And would be among your weakest links in your forward line at this stage of the competition. Trade

Eric Hipwood (37) – Had Tarrant oh him. Tall forwards are rarely a good option in AFL Fantasy. Trade

Nick Holman (45) – Bench cover if you have him. A down-grade to Nathan Freeman would free up some handy coin. Trade

Will Hoskin-Elliott (35) – Not his year with some rookies averaging more. Trade

Rory Laird (67) – Forward tag on him by Byrne-Jones. Top 6 defender, so keep. Keep

Ed Langdon (54) – The wheels have really fallen off since early in the season. Trade

Stefan Martin (67) – McInerney taking lots of his ruck time. I’m upgrading him to Grundy this week. Trade

Andrew McGrath (48) – Hasn’t progressed this year as much as hoped. Trade

Lachlan Murphy (31) – Bench cover if you have him. Keep

Lochie O’Brien (33) – Bench cover if you have him. Nathan Freeman could be a good upgrade. Trade

Cam O’Shea (29) – Bench cover if you have him. Keep

Alex Pearce (16) – Bench cover if you have him. Keep

Scott Pendlebury (72) – Was a difficult game against the Swans at the SCG. I’d persist with Pendles. Keep

Sam Powell-Pepper (51) – Not for this stage of the season. Trade

Will Schofield (13) – Hamstring injury. Check the injury news. Injured

Jayden Short (44) – Despite boosting his average this year, he’s not relevant for this time of the year. Trade

Steele Sidebottom (70) – Another Collingwood player after a tight game against the Swans. I’d keep him at this stage. Keep

Kade Simpson (60) – We’re not blessed with options in the backline unfortunately. Keep

Daniel Talia (20) – Look like he had a hand or arm injury. Check the injury news. Injured

Dale Thomas (58) – Averaging in the 80’s, I’d be looking to upgrade him. Trade

Ollie Wines (65) – It’s these scores that give me nightmares about Port Players. If he’s among your worst performers in your team then move him on. Keep

David Zaharakis (62) – Hawthorn didn’t allow the Bombers to get their outside game going. Has improved his average this year. Keep