This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 21 – Who stays and who goes.

We’re now deeper in the finals, and I hope that your team is firing. There were a few big names who didn’t fire this week – which is the luck factor in Fantasy. Unfortunately in one of my leagues I went down by a measly 4 points.


Trade In

Always go for the rookies with the best job security first. Hopefully during this time of year the teams who can’t make the finals will be blooding some more talent.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
R. Abbott $206,000 RUC 1 93.00 -18
L. Pierce $202,000 RUC 1 85.00 -12
N. Freeman $221,000 MID 2 62.50 -6
F. Greene $249,000 FOR 3 60.00 -5
J. Dawson $227,000 MID 3 51.00 1
J. Worpel $374,000 MID 7 63.60 3
J. Dawson $331,000 MID, FOR 3 73.70 4
J. Madgen $201,000 MID 2 49.50 4
K. Farrell $246,000 DEF, MID 3 55.70 7
J. Lienert $341,000 DEF 4 75.80 7
C. McCarthy $282,000 FOR 15 49.10 9
P. Kerr $235,000 FOR 4 45.50 9
B. Sier $389,000 MID 6 73.80 9
A. Bonar $307,000 MID, FOR 2 76.00 9
R. Lobb $432,000 FOR, RUC 15 66.50 10
T. Duman $359,000 DEF 8 58.80 10

Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

Paul Ahern (39) – If you need the money he’s a perfect downgrade, but he’s also good bench cover. Keep

Eddie Betts (32) – Small forwards a seldom fantasy relevant – and Betts is no exception. Trade

Nathan Brown (12) – Big trouble for a high bump on Saad and was reported. Trade

Jason Castagna (26) – Doesn’t average enough to be relevant at this part of the season. Trade

Stephen Coniglio (74) – Limping midway through the fourth term. Check the injury news. Injured

Jack Darling (38) – Didn’t kick a goal. If he’s your worst performer then he’s a good candidate to upgrade. Trade

Cam Ellis-Yolmen (45) – If he’s your worst performer then he’s a good candidate to upgrade. Trade

Bayley Fritsch (48) – If you still have him, now is the time to upgrade him. He should be averaging more. Trade

Brendon Goddard (10) – Mothballed early with a hyperextension injury. Not a top-6 defender so a good trade option. Injured

Hugh Greenwood (40) – Simply doesn’t average enough for this stage of the competition. I’d be looking to upgrade him. Trade

Will Hoskin-Elliott (44) – Some rookies average more. Trade

Mark Hutchings (46) – If he’s your worst performer, he’s an obvious player to upgrade from. Trade

Alex Johnson (16) – Looks like a serious knee injury. Injured

Josh Kelly (67) – Knocked out after a sling-tackle. Check the injury reports to see if he comes up. Injured

Jordan Lewis (52) – 11 of his 21 posessions were handballs. A good upgrade option. Trade

Oscar McInerney (37) – Bench cover if you have him. Keep

Brandan Parfitt (47) – Gave away 4 free kicks. A good trade option (either upgrade or downgrade). Trade

Cameron Rayner (37) – Despite showning form earlier this year, he hasn’t carried it on. Excellent trade option. Trade

Willie Rioli (24) – Gave away 5 frees. Bench option if you have him. Keep

Ben Ronke (45) – Bench option if you still have him. Has value so is a good trade option. Trade

Luke Ryan (51) – Looks like hamstring soreness. Check the injury news. Injured

Patrick Ryder (49) – Limped off, so check the injury news. Injured

Adam Saad (4) – Stretchered off after a high bump by Brown. Check the injury news. Injured

Jack Silvagni (22) – Not fantasy relevant this year. Trade

Nick Smith (8) – Has what appears to be a hamstring injury. Injured

Rhys Stanley (31) – Looks like he suffered a leg injury. Injured

Zach Tuohy (41) – May have suffered a hand injury. Check the injury news. Injured

Daniel Venables (27) – Bench cover if you have him. Not worth a lot for an upgrade. Keep

Lachlan Weller (47) – Simply doesn’t average enough for consideration at this point in the season. Trade

Dayne Zorko (61) – Tagged by Greenwood and had a sore ankle. Check the injury news to see if he comes up. Injured