This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 5 – Who stays and who goes.

During the first half-a-dozen rounds of the season it is about getting the rookies right and fixing up glaring errors. It’s the time to create a solid base not chase points.
That said, after 5 games we now have a decent sample-size of games to see patterns emerging and how players are being used by coaches.

All the same, I think it’s important to back your premium players – sometimes it is just a slow start to the season.


Always go for the rookies with the lowest break evens. With rookies, check the team sheets to see if they are playing first.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
M. Guelfi $234,000 FOR 2 68.00 -12
D. Mirra $222,000 DEF 2 60.00 -5
L. Murphy $238,000 DEF 3 53.70 -4
Z. Langdon $220,000 FOR 2 57.50 -2
L. Ryan $323,000 FOR 3 73.30 -2
T. English $405,000 FOR, RUC 5 79.20 0
W. Rioli $244,000 FOR 4 47.80 1
M. Crowden $290,000 MID, FOR 4 59.30 1
J. Cunico $297,000 MID 2 77.00 2
J. Higgins $282,000 MID, FOR 2 68.00 3
T. Duman $189,000 DEF 1 59.00 4
M. Poholke $186,000 MID, FOR 1 54.00 7
H. McKay $249,000 FOR 1 75.00 8
S. Weideman $247,000 FOR 1 73.00 9
N. Coffield $348,000 DEF, MID 3 73.70 11


Here’s the list of players that couldn’t keep their hands to themselves this week:

Player Club Weeks Suspended
Lindsay Thomas Port Adelaid 4 Weeks from two incidents (he hates the Selwood brothers). Anyone with Linday Thomas should move him on.
James Sicily Hawthorn 1 Game Stomped on the calf of Shaun Atley

This Weeks Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

Marcus Bontempelli (75) – Has quieter games from time to time. Keep

Trent Cotchin (71) – Scores around this range on occasion. Will turn it around. Keep

Jack Crisp (52) – His second quiet game in a row. Keep

Lance Franklin (55) – It wasn’t Sydney’s night with a number of stars quiet. Keep

Bryce Gibbs (65) – Tagged by Hewett. Will bounce back. Keep

Toby Greene (52) – His quietest game for the year. Should improve. Keep

Dan Hannebery (54) – Two shockers in a row. Could come good, so hold for another week. Keep

Michael Hibberd (63) – These scores have become his new norm. Trade

Josh J. Kennedy (35) – That’s why it’s best to avoid power forwards. They can be very good… Or very bad. Keep

Josh P. Kennedy (66) – Another quiet Sydney star. I’m not big on the Sydney mid-field this year. Maybe one more week. Keep

Dustin Martin (73) – Has the quieter game on occasion – but has a decent ceiling. Keep

Andrew McGrath (48) – Looks to be playing back in defence. Much better options. Trade

Tom Mitchell (83) – Tagged again. I’m holding as he could go huge at any time. Keep

Toby Nankervis (56) – Gave away 4 free kicks which didn’t help his score. Keep

Jack Newnes (12) – Left the field in the first quarter after contact to his head. Check if he’s up for this week. Keep

Jaeger O’Meara (63) – Doesn’t offer consistency, but can get back into good form. Keep

Luke Parker (73) – Despite 6 tackles wasn’t able to ton up. The best of a bad lot. Keep

Christian Petracca (69) – Had a quieter game and gave away 3 free kicks. Keep

Scott Selwood (33) – Bump to the head in the second quarter. Check if he’s up this week.Keep

Liam Shiels (62) – Left the field in the 3rd quarter with back issues. Watch if he’s injured, otherwise Keep

Steele Sidebottom (77) – Tagged out of it by Devon Smith. Keep

Lachie Whitfield (67) – Ever since I picked him up he’s fallen off the pace. At least he’s picked up DPP to the back-line. Keep

Chad Wingard (47) – Talented player back hasn’t come on this year. I’d look to move on. Trade

Dayne Zorko (55) – Tagged again. The thing about Dayne is his ceiling is very high. Keep