This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 6 – Who stays and who goes.

This is the time of the year when rookies break-evens are nearing their average and it’s time to move them on. So your bank-account should start to improve during this part of the season. Take a close look at your team and decide who to move on.

When trading it’s important to have half an eye on your structure during the bye-rounds and avoid too many players sharing the same bye round.


Always go for the rookies with the lowest break evens. With rookies always check the team sheets to see if they are playing first.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
M. Guelfi $283,000 FOR 3 69.70 -9
B. Ronke $200,000 FOR 1 78.00 -7
K. Mutch $196,000 MID 1 71.00 -3
L. Murphy $238,000 DEF 3 53.70 -3
J. Cunico $349,000 MID 3 82.30 -2
L. Ryan $323,000 FOR 3 73.30 -2
D. Mirra $259,000 DEF 3 59.30 2
C. Spargo $238,000 MID, FOR 1 75.00 5
T. Duman $211,000 DEF 2 50.50 7
T. Cole $327,000 DEF 2 78.00 8
A. Phillips $307,000 RUC 2 71.00 10
M. O’Connor $209,000 DEF, MID 1 56.00 13
H. McKay $273,000 FOR 2 62.50 13
J. Worpel $194,000 MID 1 49.00 14

As for which rookies to trade out, this week Zach Guthrie, Luke Davies-Uniacke and Nick Holman have break-evens that are higher than their average. However, it’s not worth trading out a player with good job security for one with poor job security. Otherwise come bye-rounds you will find it very difficult to field a full side. Job security should be your highest priority.


Player Club Weeks Suspended
Matthew Leuenburger Essendon 1 Game
Nick Robertson Brisbane 1 Game

This Weeks Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

Blake Acres (69) – Acres has actually posted some good scores this year. This odd score like this weeks will happen. Keep

James Aish (34) – Seems to have a leg injury. So probably best to trade him. Trade

Jack Billings (64) – Wasn’t the only Saint to score poorly. Was in the forward line. Will bounce back. Keep

Nicholas Coffield (21) – This is the risk with rookies. I just hope he wasn’t on your field. Has a break-even of 52 so is ready to trade out in the next week or two. Trade

Trent Cotchin (74) – A similar score to last week. I’m not worried – he should improve. Keep

Luke Dahlhaus (59) – Last time he scored this low he tonned up the following week. Keep

Patrick Dangerfield (70) – Moved forward but didn’t kick any goals. Still free to move around stoppages so no alarm bells yet. Keep

Joe Daniher (47) – Has been out of form this year. Gave away three free kicks. Trade out and consider him when he hits form. Trade

Jordan De Goey (45) – Played forward against a difficult team in Richmond. Should do better. Keep

Luke Dunstan (69) – Was forced to play a tagging role on Tom Mitchell which affected his output. Keep

Tim English (38) – As a young player inconsistency comes with the territory. Keep at least until the bye rounds. Keep

Zac Giles-Langdon (33) – Suffering knee soreness. A worrying sign, and you want your rookies to be on the field. Trade

Dyson Heppell (76) – It was a tough day at the office. Should improve. Keep

Jesse Hogan (57) – Rolled his ankle. Provided he doesn’t miss more than 1 week, I would hold him. Keep

Nick Holman (30) – His Break-Even has exceeded his average, so this is the week to trade him out for some coin. Trade

George Horlin-Smith (20) – He was concussed early so was unable to repeat last weeks performance. Hopefully he plays this week. Keep

Bachar Houli (72) – He can be quite inconsistent at times. Much better than the 49 he posted in Round 2. Keep

Josh J. Kennedy (41) – Why power forwards should be avoided. I think he will come out and kick a bag soon. Keep

David Mackay (68) – Complaining of leg soreness. Look at the medical report to decide whether he’s injured. Hopefully just sore. Keep

Jack Martin (63) – His poorest score for the year. He was against difficult opposition. Keep

Nic Naitanui (56) – Played tandem ruck with Lycett. Not helped by giving away a few frees. One game is not a pattern. Keep

Alex Neal-Bullen (32) – Played an outside game and didn’t hit the scoreboard. His second bad game. When rookies outscore then Trade

Andy Otten (38) – Second game for the year. Played a defensive role against Day. He’s not a player I would hold, so Trade

Luke Parker (80) – Although playing in the mid-field just couldn’t get started. 5 frees against is what really hurt his score. I’m still holding. Keep

Kade Simpson (69) – Tagged by Caleb Daniel. Should still finish as a Top 6 defender. Keep

Zach Tuohy (59) – Has had a poor couple of weeks. History suggests he will get back to his usual standard. Keep

Taylor Walker (56) – Complaining about hamstring tightness. Keep an eye on the medical report and don’t trade unless he’s out for more than a week. Keep

Michael Walters (11) – Looks like he has done his knee. Likely to be more than a week, so trade. Trade

Callan Ward (68) – Had a knock during the game and he wasn’t he same afterwards. Should get back to his best. Keep

Ollie Wines (61) – Had an arm knock from a Ziebell tackle. Providing he’s not injured, hold him. Keep

Chad Wingard (73) – Appears to have hamstring cramps. Check the medical report to see if he needs to be replaced. Otherwise, Keep

Jack Ziebell (42) – Rotated forward. Looked allergic to the football in the first half. He will improve. Keep

Dayne Zorko (43) – Tagged again. While he will bounce back at some point during the year, this has been a consistent pattern recently. Trade