This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 7 – Who stays and who goes.

This is the time of the year when rookies break-evens are nearing their average and it’s time to move them on. So your bank-account should start to improve during this part of the season. Take a close look at your team and decide who to move on.

When trading it’s important to have half an eye on your structure during the bye-rounds and avoid too many players sharing the same bye round.


Trade In

Always go for the rookies with the best job security first, and lowest break evens second. Always check the team sheets to see if they are playing first.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
K. Mutch $235,000 MID 2 68.50 -11
M. Guelfi $283,000 FOR 3 69.70 -8
L. Keeffe $198,000 DEF, FOR 1 76.00 -7
B. Ronke $236,000 FOR 2 67.00 -6
L. Murphy $238,000 DEF 3 53.70 -3
C. Spargo $276,000 MID, FOR 2 73.00 -2
B. Crossley $194,000 RUC 1 69.00 -2
L. Ryan $323,000 FOR 3 73.30 -1
O. McInerney $203,000 RUC 2 50.50 0
D. Mirra $259,000 DEF 3 59.30 2
J. Henry $293,000 FOR 6 51.80 4
B. Scheer $238,000 FOR 1 74.00 6
F. Appleby $195,000 DEF 2 44.00 8

Trade Out

It’s not worth trading out a player with good job security for one with poor job security. Otherwise come bye-rounds you will find it very difficult to field a full side. Job security should be your highest priority.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
O. Florent $353,000 FOR 7 53.00 54
S. Bolton $230,000 FOR 2 32.50 34
W. Schofield $243,000 DEF 1 35.00 39
Z. Guthrie $297,000 DEF 6 49.00 54
J. Petruccelle $183,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 30
M. Crowden $312,000 MID, FOR 6 50.30 57
S. Rowe $257,000 DEF 3 36.70 44
T. English $425,000 FOR, RUC 7 67.60 76
E. Richards $342,000 DEF 6 53.80 65
C. Polson $186,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 37
N. Shipley $170,000 MID 2 21.50 36
L. Davies-Uniacke $259,000 MID 5 36.20 52
N. Wright $252,000 FOR 1 29.00 46


Player Club Weeks Suspended
Tom Hawkins Geelong 1 Game
Nic Naitanui West Coast 1 Game

This Weeks Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

From last week, Dayne Zorko proved me wrong pumping out a massive 176. It was only a matter of time – but keep in mind he’s susceptible to a tag. Michael Hibberd has also returned to form on the back of two strong performances. Certainly a couple to watch.

Taylor Adams (49) – Adam’s has been missing for a while and may take a couple of weeks to return to form. A tasty upgrade option later. Keep

Jack Billings (66) – Mainly playing at half-forward. Despite two average scores in a row, I wouldn’t panic yet. Keep

Connor Blakely (59) – Was handball-happy with 15 of his 21 possessions by hand. Should return to form against easier opposition. Keep

Mitch Crowden (26) – Playing forward. His Break-Even is now higher than his average, so now is the time to trade. Trade

Tim English (39) – Despite playing as 1st ruck, he only managed 8 hit-outs. Not helped by 3 frees against. With a break-even of 76 now is the time to trade unless he suits your bye-structure. Trade

Sam Gray (38) – Seemed to be playing a forward tagging role. Has a great ceiling – but is very inconsistent. Keep

Jake Lloyd (67) – In highly contested matches Lloyd doesn’t get the ton of junk-time ball like he usually does. Keep

Jarryd Lyons (61) – Despite 8 tackles he couldn’t get much of the ball today. Has a good ceiling. Keep

Sam Menagola (65) – Started forward with some stints in the middle. He didn’t kick any goals and was down on tackles this week. Keep

Zach Merrett (68) – Tagged out of it by Cousin’s – which has become an all too familiar theme this season. But has shown a return to form in recent games. Keep

David Mundy (57) = Played mainly forward against Richmond. Watch to see if he returns to the mid-field in following weeks. Keep

Alex Neal-Bullen (59) – Despite a good ceiling, that’s three poor games in a row. I would be looking to move him on. Trade

Darcy Parish (49) – Young Parish was hand-ball happy with 10 of his 15 possessions being by hand. Still has a BE of 68 so provides some value. Keep

Luke Parker (73) – Without Franklin he’s spent some time playing up forward – which is nightmare for Parker owners. If you can upgrade, do so. Trade

Scott Pendlebury (72) – ‘Mr Dependable’ got an ankle knock which forced him off the field. Check the medical reports to see if he misses for more than a week. Otherwise, Keep

Christian Petracca (62) – Missed last week. Hopefully Petracca starts to show some improvement. Keep

Luke Ryan (47) – Didn’t fare well as his team was thumped. Has posted some good scores in the past and he won’t play Richmond every week. Keep

Luke Shuey (9) – Did a hamstring in the first term. Trade

David Swallow (76) – Swallow’s lowest score of the year. Positionally playing inside-mid. He should get back to decent scoring. Keep

Callan Ward (69) – GWS was soundly beaten which didn’t help Ward’s scores. Positionally playing as an inside mid. Keep