This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 8 – Who stays and who goes.

This is the time of the year when rookies break-evens are nearing their average and it’s time to move them on. You should start looking to build up your war-chest of funds to face the bye-rounds. Take a close look at your team and decide who to move on.

When trading it’s important to keep an eye on your structure during the bye-rounds and avoid too many players sharing the same bye round.


Trade In

Always go for the rookies with the best job security first, and lowest break evens second. Always check the team sheets to see if they are playing first.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
B. Ronke $308,000 FOR 3 85.00 -31
O. McInerney $250,000 RUC 3 61.70 -14
E. Phillips $203,000 MID 1 86.00 -13
M. Guelfi $283,000 FOR 3 69.70 -8
F. Appleby $227,000 DEF 3 51.00 -2
L. Murphy $238,000 DEF, FOR 3 53.70 -2
L. Ryan $323,000 FOR 3 73.30 0
L. Keeffe $230,000 DEF, FOR 2 62.50 0
B. Ainsworth $234,000 MID 1 78.00 3
B. Crossley $220,000 RUC 2 56.50 3
D. Mirra $259,000 DEF 3 59.30 3
B. Scheer $267,000 FOR 2 65.50 8
K. Mutch $265,000 MID 3 60.00 9
I. Cumming $184,000 DEF 1 52.00 9
M. O’Connor $209,000 DEF, MID 1 56.00 13

Trade Out

It’s not worth trading out a player with good job security for one with poor job security. Otherwise come bye-rounds you will find it very difficult to field a full side. Job security should be your highest priority.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
J. Finlayson $413,000 DEF, MID 8 68.00 68
T. Doedee $428,000 DEF 8 69.40 70
S. Weideman $274,000 FOR 4 45.30 46
S. Bolton $230,000 FOR 2 32.50 35
J. Stephenson $441,000 MID, FOR 8 65.80 69
Z. Guthrie $297,000 DEF 6 49.00 55
J. Petruccelle $183,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 31
T. English $425,000 FOR, RUC 7 67.60 77
C. Rayner $338,000 MID, FOR 8 48.50 59
S. Rowe $249,000 DEF 4 35.00 46
C. Polson $186,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 37
N. Shipley $170,000 MID 2 21.50 36
W. Schofield $235,000 DEF 2 30.00 45
L. Davies-Uniacke $259,000 MID 5 36.20 52
N. Wright $252,000 FOR 1 29.00 46
M. Crowden $295,000 MID, FOR 7 47.00 69
A. Naughton $342,000 DEF 8 49.90 78

Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

This wasn’t the best round in Fantasy with many good players under-performing – especially most of the leagues Captain in Tom Mitchell. As a Macrae owner I was very happy to have him as Captain.

David Armatage (34) – Was played forward. I just don’t see him returning to the form of a couple of years ago anytime soon. Trade

Dayne Beams (69) – Gave away a few frees which would have affected his scoring. Should bounce back. Keep

Jack Billings (58) – Looked like a passenger out there. Three poor games in a row. I think its time to move him on. Trade

Jake Carlisle (33) – Came off concussed after an accidental knee to the head. Not Fantasy relevant, so trade. Trade

Luke Dahlhaus (55) – Consistency has never been a metric Luke believes in. Keep

Bryce Gibbs (74) – Not his best game this season. He’s too good not to bounce back. Keep

Brendon Goddard (36) – Tagged by lamb. Only a few weeks ago he was touted as the solution to our backlines. Should bounce back. Keep

Billy Hartung (52) – Isn’t the Roo’s best player. I would move him on if you have him. Trade

Michael Hibberd (64) – Just after he pumps out a couple of 100+’s he goes back to his previous woes. Could go either way. I would trade him up if you can. Trade

Luke Hodge (52) – I’m not sure who owns him now he’s at Brisbane. Might be a good week to trade with an unlikely break-even. Trade

Michael Hurley (54) – Played on a small forward line and he was run off. I would expect him to bounce back against other sides. Keep

Sam Jacobs (53) – Played with back spasms. I would expect him to be rested. Trade

Josh P. Kennedy (62) – Just when it looked like he was getting back to form he does this to us. I guess you must take the good with the bad. Keep

Dustin Martin (48) – Was tagged. I don’t see any reason to trade him after one poor game. Keep

Mitch McGovern (54) – Yo-yo scoring is all you can expect these sorts of players. He can ton up on occasion (like last week). Keep

Zach Merrett (81) – Unsurprisingly tagged again. While I don’t like trading premiums there are no other Bombers more likely to receive the tag. If you can afford Macrae then do it. Otherwise, Keep

Tom Mitchell (58) – Mitchell was tagged by Hewett. You would be mad to drop him after one poor game. Keep

Darcy Moore (17) – Did a hamstring. Anything more than 1 week out is a trade-out in my books. Trade

Jordan Murdoch (34) – Not really fantasy relevant. However he normally players better. Keep

Andrew Naughton (3) – Was pulled from the ground after an ankle injury. Time to cash in on him if you have him. Trade

Darcy Parish (47) – Like many Bombers he has not played well. He’s not a keeper so I would be looking to trade. Trade

Christian Petracca (58) – It’s time to move him on to greener pastures. This isn’t his break-out year. Trade

Tom Phillips (49) – Copped a knock to the head. So long as he’s not out injured, keep him. Keep

Dylan Shiel (78) – Not far below par. Tagged by Hutchings and was left dazed after a heavy tackle. Keep

Isaac Smith (71) – This is the first time Isaac dropped below 90 this season. Keep

Jack Steele (67) – It’s not every week he was to play interstate. Should improve. Keep

David Swallow (41) – Looks to have come off with a leg injury. Check the medical reports. Keep

Lewis Taylor (37) – Spent time up forward without affecting the scoreboard. Below-par game for him. Keep

Zach Tuohy (66) – Unfortunately with Zach you have to take his good scores with his bad. Keep

Dom Tyson (56) – Has had a chequered history. I would wait for him to bounce back with a couple of 100+’s and consider upgrading. Keep

Jarrad Waite (44) – Missed a lot of the game with a corkie. Unless he’s injured I would keep him. Keep

Taylor Walker (34) – Was pulled off during the game with an injury. I would move him on. Trade