This Week in AFL Fantasy

Round 9 – Who stays and who goes.

Both Port Adelaide and Gold Coast have their byes this week. Unlike other bye weeks there are only two trades as usual this week. So if you have any players from these teams make sure you have adequate cover. This week you should look to down-trade and make some money as the same Port and Suns players will be ripe for the picking next week.

Keep an eye on rookies who have an average nearing their break-evens – as they are ripe for trading out. However, do this with an eye on the bye-rounds. It’s better to hold a rookie with a suitable bye than having to score a zero during a bye round. Also ensure that the rookies you do trade in have good job-security. Bye rounds are hard enough if not all of your team are playing week-in and week-out.


Trade In

Always go for the rookies with the best job security first with a close eye on their byes. Always check the team sheets to see if they are playing first.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
J. Ridley $205,000 DEF 1 89.00 -14
T. Smith $212,000 FOR 1 86.00 -9
E. Phillips $242,000 MID 2 71.00 -8
D. Mirra $310,000 DEF 4 67.80 -5
B. Ronke $368,000 FOR 4 82.30 -2
L. Ryan $323,000 FOR 3 73.30 0
F. Appleby $266,000 DEF 4 55.00 1
B. Ainsworth $234,000 MID 1 78.00 3
O. McInerney $290,000 RUC 4 60.30 5
M. Guelfi $328,000 FOR 4 70.30 6
B. Rice $186,000 DEF 1 56.00 6
K. Mutch $265,000 MID 3 60.00 10
L. Murphy $268,000 DEF, FOR 4 53.00 10
M. O’Connor $209,000 DEF, MID 1 56.00 13
D. Clarke $181,000 MID, FOR 1 46.00 14

Trade Out

It’s not worth trading out a player with good job security for one with poor job security. Otherwise come bye-rounds you will find it very difficult to field a full side. Job security should be your highest priority.

Player Price Position Games Average Break Even
T. Kelly $489,000 MID 9 79.00 79
C. Rayner $338,000 MID, FOR 9 49.60 51
S. Weideman $274,000 FOR 4 45.30 47
N. Coffield $368,000 DEF, MID 7 60.00 62
S. Bolton $230,000 FOR 2 32.50 35
A. Cerra $372,000 MID 8 56.40 59
P. Kerr $170,000 FOR 1 25.00 29
A. Pearce $302,000 DEF 9 46.60 51
Z. Guthrie $297,000 DEF 6 49.00 55
J. Petruccelle $183,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 31
J. Finlayson $401,000 DEF, MID 9 65.60 75
S. Rowe $242,000 DEF 5 34.60 45
T. English $425,000 FOR, RUC 7 67.60 78
C. Polson $186,000 MID, FOR 2 24.00 38
W. Schofield $235,000 DEF 2 30.00 45
N. Shipley $170,000 MID 2 21.50 37
L. Davies-Uniacke $259,000 MID 5 36.20 53
N. Wright $252,000 FOR 1 29.00 46
M. Crowden $270,000 MID, FOR 8 44.00 71
A. Naughton $342,000 DEF 8 49.90 78

Noticeable Outs from Injury

Please see the following article to give you the full snap-shot of Injuries

Stay or Trade?

Gary Ablett Jnr (47) – Played largely forward in a soundly beaten team. But if you have him you would be aware of the risks. Keep

David Armatage (33) – Playing forward again. Second stinker in a row. Gave away some frees which didn’t help. Trade

Rory Atkins (43) – In a low scoring game, Atkins didn’t deliver. Yo-yo scores historically. Keep

Tom Bellchambers (46) – He’s not a fantasy relevant player – but his worst game never-the-less. Trade

Jack Billings (70) – Hasn’t met expectations this year. Some difficult teams ahead with a high break-even. I don’t like trading these kinds of players, but a pattern is a pattern. Trade if you have the luxury. Trade

Luke Breust (50) – It’s difficult playing forward when your team is whacked by over 50 points. Should improve. Keep

Reece Conca (58) – Hardwick kept switching him forward which affected his output. Watch carefully. Keep

Trent Cotchin (67) – Has been up and down all year. However, he showed like last week he’s still a good player. Keep

Jamie Cripps (43) – Played deep forward. Keen an eye out to ensure it’s not a permanent change. Keep

Josh Dunkley (57) – Started forward and produced a poor score that he’s sometimes prone to. Keep

Alex Fosolo (12) – Twisted an ankle after just 2 possessions on his first game back from injury. Check the injury news, but anything more than a week misses. Trade

Robbie Gray (61) – Didn’t take the trip to China all that well. Great for those of us who are looking to bring him in next week. Keep

Joel Hamling (13) – Knocked out by a wayward Franklin arm. Watch the medical news if you have him and consider trading to a rookie. Trade

Billy Hartung (63) – Same s**t – different day. I would move him on if you have him. Trade

Dan Hannebery (63) – His first game back from injury. Should eventually improve. Keep

Ricky Henderson (54) – Wasn’t the only Hawk not to score well in a flogging. Should improve. Keep

Michael Hibberd (36) – Tagged by Lamb. Looks to have returned to his previous woes. I can’t recommend him. Trade

Tom Hickey (62) – Despite playing 1st ruck he had Marshall backing up. Something to keen an eye on. Keep

Jesse Hogan (61) – Played deep forward so didn’t get in amongst it so much. Should bounce back. Keep

Bachar Houli (62) – Isn’t the worlds most consistent player and sometimes posts scores in the 60’s. Keep

Mark Hutchings (66) – Prone to these scores sometimes – but at least ran through the midfield. Keep

Zac Jones (49) – Forced off the ground with concussion. Not really a relevant fantasy player though. Keep

Kane Lambert (52) – Played in a soundly beaten team. Still playing as a mid, so no positional concerns. Keep

Jordan Lewis (68) – Unfortunately the veteran can be prone to games like this on occasion. Keep

Dustin Martin (73) – I might let this score slide except for his 48 last week. Yeo beat him this week. Should re-gain form. Keep

Chris Masten (70) – Has been ordinary all year – so if you have him look to upgrade him. Trade

Tim Membrey (54) – Still inconsistent – especially in front of goals. I wouldn’t recommend him this year. Trade

Sam Menagola (71) – Actually one of the better Geelong players – which reflects how poorly they did Fantasy wise. Keep

Callum Mills (66) – His second game in the 60’s in a row. Can be up and down. Keep

Jordan Murdoch (49) – His second poor game in a row. Should turn around when the rest of his team does. Keep

Clayton Oliver (72) – His lowest score of the year – but not terrible. Positionally still fine. Should improve. Keep

Jarrad Polec (65) – His lowest score of the year playing in China. Keep unless you need to trade to avoid a bye-round donut. Keep

Patrick Ryder (63) – Despite 42 hit-outs he gave away 6 frees. Still working up to some form after injury. Keep

Aaron Sandilands (66) – Despite 36 hit-outs, he only managed 6 disposals. Still 1st ruck so no positional concerns. Keep

Heath Shaw (56) – Played more of defensive lock-down role. Anyone who has owned him knows he can be frustrating at times. Keep

Kade Simpson (61) – The week I trade him in… However you have to take the good with the bad. No long term concerns. Keep

Callum Sinclair (64) – No touches in the 1st quarter. Still played first ruck, so no concerns if you have him. Keep

Tom Stewart (55) – One of many Cats who posted a poor score following their unexpected loss. Keep

Lewis Taylor (69) – After his stinker last week, at least he was back playing on the wings. Keep

Callan Ward (49) – Tagged by Jacobs. He will improve against other sides. Keep

Jimmy Webster (69) – Seemed to be playing a more defensive role than normal. Should rebound. Keep

Maverick Weller (34) – Played a forward defensive role. Usually much better than this. Keep