This year, rather than copying how players went (which is available elsewhere) I’m going to publish a Rolling Best 22. These are ideal trade targets.

After Round 1, you should be trying to fix any obvious mistakes you made when selecting your team. So this might mean side-ways trading a premium (which is not something you would do during the rest of the season).

Since only one round has been played, this Best 22 only reflects the best scorers of this round. And from such a small sample-size select players with care – as one game does not reflect the rest of the season.


Player Team Price $ Avg. Score
Christian SalemMEL$605,000128.00
Jake LloydSYD$752,000126.00
Jamie MacmillanNM$557,000118.00
Nic NewmanCAR$575,000115.00
Lachie WhitfieldGWS$731,000109.00
James SicilyHAW$700,000106.00
Rory LairdADE$778,000103.00


Player Team Price $ Avg. Score
Tom RockliffPA$650,000166.00
Stephen ConiglioGWS$831,000161.00
Rory SloaneADE$685,000144.00
Tim TarantoGWS$687,000137.00
Dom SheedWC$574,000133.00
Matt CrouchADE$777,000132.00
Marcus BontempelliWB$692,000128.00
Adam TreloarCOL$796,000125.00
Brayden FioriniGC$678,000114.00


Player Team Price $ Avg. Score
Justin WesthoffPA$750,000120.00
Toby NankervisRIC$663,000115.00
Callum SinclairSYD$680,000105.00
Ben McEvoyHAW$636,000101.00


Player Team Price $ Avg. Score
Travis BoakPA$667,000144.00
Kane LambertRIC$607,000112.00
Cam McCarthyFRE$392,000109.00
Tim KellyGEE$642,000108.00
Patrick DangerfieldGEE$768,000103.00
Wil PowellGC$307,000103.00
James WorpelHAW$501,000101.00