This year, rather than copying how players went (which is available elsewhere) I’m going to publish a Rolling Best 22. These are ideal trade targets.

At this stage of the season you should be fixing any mistakes you may have made when selecting your initial team. I think players like Josh Dunkley and Isaac Heeney are in this boat. However, be careful not to ‘chase points’ – for example, moving Stephen Coniglio on after one game where he was tagged out would in my view be a poor move. Jake Crisp, Max Gawn and Brodie Grundie have shown in the last round that one poor score is not a pattern.

Since only two rounds have been played, the Best 22 is simply an average of the last two rounds. And care must be taken when selecting from such a small sample size.


Jake Lloyd and Lachie Whitfield have been on fire this season – so well done to the coaches who have them. I think Whitfield will be tagged a few times this year – but it won’t be this week – he will probably go big again. But if you don’t have him I would wait until the inevitable tag comes. Daniel Rich seems to have taken over Alex Witherden’s role – although I’m waiting a bit longer before pulling the trigger on Witherden.

Player Team Price $ Avg. Score
Jake LloydSYD$773,000126.50
Lachie WhitfieldGWS$751,000121.00
Jack CrispCOL$655,000110.00
Christian SalemMEL$628,000109.00
Tom StewartGEE$619,000108.50
Daniel RichBRI$567,000104.00
Bachar HouliRIC$552,000102.00
Matthew SucklingWB$645,00099.00


Me, like many other coaches have brought in Tom Rockliff; Port’s game appears to be more fantasy friendly this year. At he is value at under $700k.

Player Team Price $ Avg. Score
Tom RockliffPA$699,000140.50
Adam TreloarCOL$826,000138.50
Rory SloaneADE$715,000127.00
Bradley HillFRE$645,000121.00
Dom SheedWC$614,000119.50
Marcus BontempelliWB$714,000119.50
Lachie NealeBRI$742,000118.50
Lachie HunterWB$778,000117.50
Matt CrouchADE$782,000116.50


Even though Max Gawn hasn’t made the top averaging list for Rucks, you would back him to potentially be there at the end of the year. I think Nankervis will potentially have a few stinkers this year. Witt’s has an easy start to the year – and Westhoff has shown that last year was no fluke (despite a poorer score last week in the wet which did not suit him).

Player Team Price $ Avg. Score
Toby NankervisRIC$666,00098.50
Brodie GrundyCOL$826,00098.00
Jarrod WittsGC$678,00094.00
Justin WesthoffPA$732,00092.50


Travis Boak has been a surprise packet being the highest averaging player in the competition. I think he’s on track to average more than 100 in a season (for his first time ever). From such a small sample size there are a few players in the list I would probably watch for a round or two longer such as Marshall, Newnes and Gunston. I think players like Devon Smith and Sam Menegola will be around the mark at the end of the season – so I would not be looking at unloading them at this stage.

Player Team Price $ Avg. Score
Travis BoakPA$717,000141.00
Patrick DangerfieldGEE$780,000118.50
Tim KellyGEE$662,000109.50
Rowan MarshallSTK$529,000103.00
Luke DahlhausGEE$603,000102.50
James WorpelHAW$531,00099.00
Jack NewnesSTK$524,00096.00
Jack GunstonHAW$639,00095.50