This weeks rolling best 22 is based on the last three rounds. I personally think three games is a good indication of where players are at. It’s long enough to see a pattern, and short enough that they’re not being kept afloat from stale scores.

Most teams seem to be sailing well at this stage of the season; mistakes have been rectified and a lot of coaches are posting good scores. But remember the long game; don’t just chase scores – but think about progressing your team.

Later this year I’m hoping to expand the value of my weekly articles – but I have a lot of hard work ahead before I let the cat out of the bag.


Lachie Whitfield and Jake Lloyd continue to dominate; and if you don’t have them you should be making plans to get them. Crisp and Houli have dropped out form last week; Crisp after his 49 point game against the reining premiers, and Houli hasn’t played since round 1. We see pre-season smokies Jamie Macmillan and Wayne Milera replacing them. I expect to see Rory Laird return to form and Alex Witherden outscored Daniel Rich on the weekend.

PlayerTeamPrice $ScoresAvg. Score
Lachie WhitfieldGWS$797,000109, 133, 162134.67
Jake LloydSYD$793,000126, 127, 120124.33
Tom StewartGEE$646,000102, 115, 104107.00
Daniel RichBRI$592,000101, 107, 8999.00
Jamie MacmillanNM$588,000118, 71, 9795.33
Christian SalemMEL$628,000128, 90, 6795.00
Wayne MileraADE$585,00087, 95, 9692.67
Matthew SucklingWB$646,00079, 119, 7992.33


The big news is Tom Rockcliff after his concussion dropped from first place on the table to off-the-chart completely. I’m going to see if he’s named for this week before dropping him; although I’m not predicting a great score from him this week even if he does play. Dom Sheed and Bradley Hill both fall out after sub-100 scores. And Brad Crouch replaces his brother Matt – although both are excellent options to hold in your team.

PlayerTeamPrice $ScoresAvg. Score
Adam TreloarCOL$833,000125, 152, 98125.00
Rory SloaneADE$745,000144, 110, 120124.67
Lachie NealeBRI$773,00091, 146, 135124.00
Marcus BontempelliWB$744,000128, 111, 129122.67
Jack MacraeWB$869,000107, 124, 132121.00
Jaeger O’MearaHAW$746,000106, 122, 132120.00
Angus BrayshawMEL$778,000100, 121, 129116.67
Brad CrouchADE$629,000109, 109, 128115.33
Patrick CrippsCAR$788,000101, 116, 121112.67


The ruck-list doesn’t even resemble last weeks – with Brodie Grundy the only player who was in last weeks top 4. As predicted, Max Gawn has finally made the list – even though he is yet to hit form.

PlayerTeamPrice $ScoresAvg. Score
Brodie GrundyCOL$813,00084, 112, 122106.00
Ben McEvoyHAW$657,000101, 81, 127103.00
Callum SinclairSYD$667,000105, 63, 12096.00
Max GawnMEL$748,00068, 113, 10796.00


Travis Boak and Patrick Dangerfield continued to dominate. Rowan Marshall has lifted his ceiling with his 122 – someone to keep an eye on. James Worpel, Jack Newnes and Jack Gunston drop out, being replaced by Kane Lambert and Jeremy Cameron (who both scored 140+) and Jack Martin who is averaging 99.

PlayerTeamPrice $ScoresAvg. Score
Travis BoakPA$758,000144, 138, 118133.33
Patrick DangerfieldGEE$801,000103, 134, 132123.00
Rowan MarshallSTK$570,000103, 122112.50
Tim KellyGEE$674,000108, 111, 93104.00
Luke DahlhausGEE$624,00098, 107, 96100.33
Kane LambertRIC$619,000112, 44, 14299.33
Jack MartinGC$634,00075, 112, 11099.00
Jeremy CameronGWS$586,00069, 73, 14796.33