This man needs little introduction; Dylan Holt’s has been a valuable source of information, help and entertainment for many AFL Fantasy coaches during the 2018 season with his AFL Fantasy YouTube videos.

Unfortunately due to life commitments he’s unable to produce weekly videos this year. But he’s still a big fan of the game, so instead of letting his knowledge go to waste I decided to ask him about his thoughts for the coming season.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m currently a 21 year old living in Perth, studying a bachelor of Nutrition. Massive lover of many sports – particularly AFL, soccer, basketball and cricket. I’m also quite a passionate gamer in my free time, playing a lot of sports games and first person shooters.

How long have you been playing AFL Fantasy and what is your highest ever rank?

My first season of AFL Fantasy was in 2014 where I finished around 50,000th from memory! My highest rank was in 2017 where I finished up about 330th overall – which was honestly pretty disappointing considering I was 25th at the start of the bye rounds.

What went right and what went wrong for you last year? And do you have any lessons your are going to apply to this season?

Starting with what went right – picked my rookies well at the start of the season so that was good for bench money early on, also picked a couple of under-priced players that started the season really well (a couple that come to mind are Jesse Hogan and Toby Mclean)

What went wrong- to put it simply, too many risks at the start. Tried to start without the two big dogs Rory Laird and Tom Mitchell which backfired plus captaining Zach Merrett in round 1 when he got concussed on 25.

Who are your locks for this season?

A few no brainers – Lloyd, Macrae, Grundy and Dangerfield should all be in most teams in my opinion. Also Witherden, Cripps and Merrett have all found their way into my team and only an injury will see them gone.

Which players do you think might break-out this season?

Hearing great things about Callum Mills moving into the midfield so i’ll watch him closely in the JLT.

An inside midfielder in Anthony Miles should get plenty of opportunity at Gold Coast so I’m quite confident in him.

Also on the more expensive side I’m expecting big things from Jack Billings this season. Hopefully will push into the saints midfield and dominate a few games and potentially push a 100-105 average.

Are there any other smokies or mid-pricers you’re considering?

Firstly a couple Bulldogs I like – Tom Liberatore looks a great option if he can finish the pre-season well, also in the ruck I’m looking to start with a mid priced ruckman so hopefully a guy like Tim English could get a bit more consistency.

Big fan of Zac Williams and Brodie Smith too – I’d expect most teams to lock in at least one of those boys as they are very cheap for what they can produce!

Role changes for Andy McGrath, Nic Newman and James Worpel are all very worth considering keeping your eye on too in my opinion.

Are you someone who prefers set and forget Rucks? Who are you considering for this season?

Generally I like to go set and forget, this year I think Brodie Grundy should be in 100% of teams but the R2 position is very up for debate – few people are liking Gawn, Stef Martin or other under-priced premiums but I see risks associated with all of them so I’m tempted to avoid them. Currently I’m hoping a mid-pricer performs well in JLT – currently liking Tim English but it might even be worth a punt on Zac Clarke or Sam Naismith if their job security looks good early in the year.

Player comparison: If you could only pick one, who would it be?

Jake Lloyd or Lachie Whitfield?Jake Lloyd

Zac Williams or Brodie Smith?Zac Williams

Patrick Cripps or Clayton Oliver?   Patty Cripps

Taylor Adams or Jack Steele?Taylor Adams

Anthony Miles, Tom Liberatore, or Dan Hannebery?Anthony Miles

Brodie Grundy or Max Gawn?Brodie Grundy

Devon Smith or Patrick Dangerfield?Patty Dangerfield

Do you have any tips for first time coaches?

I’d say keep it simple – don’t be afraid to get in the popular premiums and rookies because people generally know what they’re talking about. Also if you’re getting stuck with trades/captains don’t be afraid to find info off guys that give their AFL Fantasy opinion. Nathan does a great job with his website and there’s obviously heaps of other guys that provide great weekly insights as well.

And which AFL Team do you think will win the 2019 Premiership?

Big fan of Collingwood’s team – looking at their midfield it’s the best in the comp in my opinion, and if their list can stay fit it is a very solid team all round with very few weaknesses + plus an absolute giant in Mason Cox who has shown he can dominate games!


Even though Dylan won’t be producing weekly videos in 2019, he’s still keen to interact and help coaches as much as he’s able. So connect with him on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.