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Best 22 – Round 1, 2019

The Best 22, Round 1, 2019

Team Reveal

Team Reveal: Nathan discusses his Round 1 Team

Band of Brothers – Part 2

Finding players which statistically speaking should be moving into their prime.

Band of Brothers – Part 1

Can we use statistics to weed out the leaders from the pack?

Interview with Dylan Holt

Dylan Holt shares his thoughts about the coming AFL Fantasy season.

The Price is Right

It’s official… AFL Fantasy is harder than ever before.

Myth Busting: The Last 5 Rounds

The last 5 games gives a great indication of what to expect in the up coming season, particularly with younger players.

Difficulty of the Draw

A frequently overlooked factor when choosing between similar players is their up-coming fixtures.

Band of Bothers

Why did last years ‘blue chips’ look more like Dick Smith stocks?

Happy New Years – 2019

I’m excited to reveal a player comparison tool I’ve been working on over the “off-season”.

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