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Best 22

Best 22 – Round 9, 2019

Roughly speaking you want a fairly balanced list of players having byes in all 3 bye rounds.

Best 22, Round 8, 2019

This is the round I consider the ‘culling round’ – as it’s the round that many of the rookies that we got in Round 1 will be maxing out.

Best 22, Round 7, 2019

Universally this was an appalling round with many coaches failing to even make 2000

Best 22 – Round 6, 2019

Round 6… at this stage of the season many of our rookies are fattened up and ready to trade

Best 22 – Round 5, 2019

This round many rookies fired which helped those with the right rookies to get a respectable score

Best 22 – Round 4, 2019

Try not to rage trade; every player will fail from time-to-time, and it’s important not to waste your trades and back your premiums.

Best 22 – Round 3, 2019

Most teams seem to be sailing well at this stage of the season; mistakes have been rectified and a lot of coaches are posting good scores.

Best 22 – Round 2, 2019

At this stage of the season you should be fixing any mistakes you may have made when selecting your initial team.

Best 22 – Round 1, 2019

The Best 22, Round 1, 2019

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